Why I’m Making Another Noah’s Ark Movie

Timothy Chey
2 min readOct 15, 2018

You might be asking why I’m making another Noah’s Ark movie when they released one in 2014 with Russell Crowe.

It’s simply because I want to make one that’s more Biblically-correct. I cannot overstate how important the story of Noah is. Jesus said the world would like in the days of Noah before His return (Matthew 24:39).

Our movie, ‘The Flood’, will put God front and center. His love for Noah and Noah’s family and God’s righteousness on a God-rejecting world. A violent world much like the world we live in today.

I’m very excited about filming this movie. I think we’ll hit a home-run at the box office, God-willing. But more importantly that people understand we’re living in the perilous times before Christ’s return.

Yes huge amounts of work await us: the building of the Ark; casting Noah; the visual effects; location scouting; hundreds of logistical concerns — when you’re planning a $30 million film (still small by Hollywood comparisons), a ton of work goes into it.

When I say ‘Biblically-correct’, there will be no rock monsters or portraying God’s judgment as mother earth angry at environmental concerns. The Biblical story is God bringing judgment because of sin.

In the Book of Revelation and Daniel — God is going to do one final judgment. And many believe it’s coming soon. On the entire earth again.

People ask me who’s going to play Noah — I have a short-list of actors and I think any of them can bat it out of the park.

But if you have any opinions on who would make a great ‘Noah’, feel free to let me know!

Please keep us in prayer as we start this huge endeavor — all for God’s glory!



Timothy Chey

Faith-based producer/director. Consumer-Rights Pro Bono Attorney. CEO/RiverRain Productions.